Brand Spotlight: Esqualo

Brand Spotlight: Esqualo

Brand Spotlight: Esqualo

Top featured: Esqualo Closure Blouse | Geo Graphic Print
Dress featured: 
Esqualo Knot Dress | Shimmer Rose Print

Known for it’s stylish collections, Esqualo brings a feminine touch with extremely unique prints, high quality, and exclusive finishes. Be unique, be out there, and be yourself in Esqualo.

Top featured: Esqualo Polo Collar Blouse | Rope Print
Dress featured: Esqualo Wrap Dress | Rope Print

With Esqualo’s collection at Geoghegans, you will find something that is refined, comfortable and on trend. The styles, designs and fits are eye catching with bright coloured prints and natural materials.

Skirt featured: Esqualo Buttoned Satin Skirt | Geo Graphic Print
Dress featured: Esqualo Long Dress | Geo Graphic Print

Going out on the town for a night out? Grab yourself an Esqualo dress, or a top and skirt combo. Just want something trendy for a day out. Then slip into an Esqualo cardigan with a pair of Esqualo trousers. There is something here for every occasion and every person.


Dress featured: Esqualo Long Denim Dress
Top featured: Esqualo Mix & Match Blouse | Shimmer/Rose Print
Skirt featured: Esqualo Volant Mini Skirt | Shimmer Print

Esqualo can be found online here, or in our ladies department. Treat yourself to something different, something eye catching and something you will fall in love with over and over. Treat yourself to Esqualo at Geoghegans.