Brighten Up Those Windows For Summer!

Brighten Up Those Windows For Summer!

The sun is beginning to peek out from behind those clouds, the heat is beginning to pick up and our rooms are either too bright or too hot! It’s a good thing that we’ve got the perfect thing to help with those two little issues. 

With Luxaflex and SLX blinds, you’ll be able to keep your rooms cooler, darker and even control every set of blinds in a room at the touch of a button! 

So let’s get ready for that beautiful sun and frame our windows with some gorgeous functional blinds from Luxaflex and SLX Blinds.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns can really add a beautiful freshness to any room with delicate petals and colourings. Try out something bold and add a subtle touch with a delicate floral pattern from SLX Blinds like the Lila Blossoms

Bring the Outside In

Sometimes we may not want to actually be outside, even though the weather looks fantastic, so why not bring the outdoors inside? Luxaflex® SeaTex roller blinds give you your privacy while still maintaining your view of the outdoors, combine that with UV protection and a fabric that is made from recycled ocean plastic, you’ll love this selection, especially for the Summer!

Control That Light

With Wooden Venetian blinds, you can control the amount of light let into your room. With light deflection, you can filter just how much you want to enter the room. Soften the feeling of your living room, bedroom or other rooms in your home to give you a comfortable feeling. Fantastic when those Summer days come flowing through your windows.

Motorised Blinds

Have you ever wanted to pull your blinds down, or even open them up to the beautiful sunshine outside, but you’re too far away, or maybe you just got super comfortable on the couch? Well, Motorised Blinds by Luxaflex are the way to go! Control up to 15 sets of blinds with the touch of a button! You’ll never have to pull another blind up or down in your home ever again. Perfect for those really sunny days!

How to get yourself the perfect blinds for a refreshing new look for Summer?

That’s super easy! All you have to do is pop into our store and have a chat with one of our experts in the Home Interiors Department. Or you can call us on 046 90 21722 (ext 4) or email: interiors@geoghegans.