How To Brighten Up The Winter Months

How To Brighten Up The Winter Months

The weather is getting colder, the skies are getting cloudy, and the mornings are darker. If only there was a way to brighten up these grey months and bring some colour and cheer into our lives… Well, there is!

A colourful injection is the perfect way to bring your home back to life during the winter months. If you’ve got a happy and inviting home then the unpredictable Irish weather is nothing you can’t handle!

One of our favourite ways to brighten up the grey months is to add a bit of teal to your interior design. Teal is a colour that has been used throughout time and can even be seen in beautiful works of art that date back to the ancient Egyptians.

Teal is a versatile colour to use in the home, acting as both a cool complementary colour and a rich accent colour. It’s a popular hue used in interior design and is often paired with greys, ochres, and even black.

But how can you incorporate teal into your home to give it a brighter, stylish look?

Today we’re going to take a look at all the places in your home you can add a bit of teal to give these grey months some life!

How to brighten up your sitting room with teal cushions & throws

Nothing beats a cosy sitting room during these cold and wet months. If your relaxation space is looking a bit grey and boring then it might be time to brighten things up with some gorgeous teal cushions and teal throws.

The power of a good cushion!

Don’t underestimate the power of a cushion. Adding cushions to a boring sofa will bring a whole lot of life into your living room.

One of our favourite pillow and cushion designers, Stof, brought out these gorgeous cushions: the tropical paolita/aveyron cushion and these simple yet decorative cushions.

These gorgeous pillows feature various designs such as beautiful song birds, pretty petals, and eye-catching colourful leaves. They’re the perfect addition to any living room and they’re incredibly comfortable.

Start brightening your living room up with a bit of style and comfort today! Take a closer look at these pillows here and here.

Can a simple throw improve your sitting room?

Now that the colder months are beginning to creep in around us, nothing says comfort and warmth like a gorgeous throw.

This Elliot Plaid Emeraude Throw by Stof is the perfect way to give your living room a brand new vibe. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by adding a comfortable winter throw to your couch or armchair.

Whether you want to wrap yourself up in it or style it to wow your visitors, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of this throw. Plus it goes exceptionally well with the teal and petrol coloured Stof cushions.

Take a closer look at what this throw is like here.

Refresh your bedroom’s look with teal duvet covers

Everybody wants to come home to a warm inviting bedroom!

Bring a bit of brightness into your bedroom with a brand new teal coloured duvet cover or a luxurious teal bedroom throw.

Bring life into your bedroom with a new duvet cover!

Do you want to smarten up your bedroom by adding a gorgeous new duvet cover to your collection?

This amber teal duvet set by Scatterbox is made from a high-quality 200 thread count and it’s 100% cotton sateen! It has a comfortable, soft and silky finish to it and are the perfect addition to any bedroom.

If you’re looking to bring a bit of paradise to your bedroom then this exotic looking teal duvet set is the ideal choice for you.

Featuring palm leaves, parrots and tropical flowers this exotic duvet will leave you feeling like you’re in paradise even when it’s hailing outside!

Made from 100% cotton this duvet set is designed to help you feel comfortable and get a relaxed nights sleep.

Brighten up your bedroom with a gorgeous throw

This luxurious teal halo throw by Scatterbox is a must-have for any bedroom. It’ll go perfectly with either our paradise duvet cover or our amber teal duvet set.

When the cold hits it’s always nice to have an extra bit of warmth in the bedroom plus this teal throw looks sleek and stylish on any bed - giving your room a whole new look.

All that’s missing is a couple of luxury Reylon pillows!

Give your bedroom a whole new look with a fresh pair of curtains

This tropical-inspired curtain is part of the premium range from Scatter Box and it’s made of high-quality materials and crafted by experts.

The beautiful leaf print is a gorgeous compliment to any bedroom or living room and it really gives the room a luxurious feel.

If you want to do up your bedroom, sitting room, kitchen or even your bathroom then you can find a wide range of exquisite homeware at Geoghegans.

Don’t know what to choose?

Our team of fantastic interior specialists would be happy to help you choose some fantastic pieces for your home. Pop into our store at any time for a quick chat. We’ll get to know you and your style and get you the perfect homeware for your space.

Until then, check out our full collection of homeware products - we know you’ll fall in love with our designs.