Keep The Heat In With Curtains & Blinds!

Keep The Heat In With Curtains & Blinds!

Heat, Curtains & Blinds!

It's now Spring time and we can't wait for those long summer days and nights, but unfortunately we're all still feeling that little nip in the air! The breeze is still blowing cold, and we're under threat of snow at any moment. We won't even mention the cost of heating a home in the current climate! So why are talking to you about the weather and curtains & blinds? Did you know that curtains and blinds can help keep that heat in your home? No? Well, let us tell you how this can help!


How can curtains help?

Layered window dressings really bring a practical value to a room, as well as improving it's aesthetics. Drawing a heavy well lined curtain can add a great layer of insulation to a window and can help hold the heat in a room, as well as keep a cold breeze out. While adding an extra heavy thermal interlining can increase the cost of a curtain by approximately 10%, this can really make a huge difference when it comes to insulation, and can give a beautiful full drape to a curtain.


But what about blinds?

Blinds can be a great way of keeping the cold out and the heat in! Roman Blinds can be made with insulated lining, and a heavier lining on a Roman Blind can give a beautiful luxurious look while cosying up your room. Roman Blinds can be fitted into the recess of a window or outside and over a window. 


How can I get this for my house?

Here at Geoghegans of Navan, we've got an amazing team of experienced curtain makers who are extremely skilled at working with fabrics and linings. You can visit us in store at Geoghegans of Navan, 24 Trimgate Street, Navan, Meath, C15 DN47, or you can call us on (046) 902 1722  Ext. 4 for Homeware, or email us on and ask for either Kathy, Jean, Bernie or Debbie to get you started. They will make a beautiful finished product that will help keep your home warm. We also offer a full measuring and fitting service that our team will organise for you. 

A carefully chosen window dressing can really help keep your house warm for a fraction of what you might have to spend on a retro fit insulation project. And they will look fabulous too!