Signs your Bra Fits properly

Signs your Bra Fits properly

There are a few signs to look for if you think your bra fits!

The bra Feels secure on the loosest hook

Your bra's elasticity can deteriorate over time, so starting on the hook with the largest band allows you to tighten it as needed rather than discovering it's too big when it's too late.

Your straps feel fixed in place but don’t dig in

Nothing is more irritating than having to pull your bra straps up 100 times a day. Tighten your band first, then your straps until they're snug but not painful.

There is a finger width of space underneath the band

How many fingers you can slip underneath the band is a clear measure of whether your bra suits you properly. You should only be able to slip one finger under a well-fitting bra.

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