The Importance Of Pillows

The Importance Of Pillows

Everyone needs the right pillow in their life! They're not only comforting but they play an extremely important role in supporting the intricate structures of the head, neck, shoulders, hips and spine. 

More than 60% of people sleep on their side during the night, with men spending more time on their sides than women. 

Back sleeping is the second most popular sleep position, and when you're flat on your back, it's easy to evenly distribute your weight, and keep your spine in alignment which can help prevent potential aches in the back or the neck. Back sleeping can also help alleviate congestion from stuffy noses or allergies as long as you're propped up by your pillow. 

Stomach sleeping is the least popular sleep position, and research suggests that we spend less than 10% of our night sleeping on our stomachs. 

Here at Geoghegans of Navan, we have a large range of pillows to suit everyone! We also love to help people find the right pillow for them, so if you're unsure of what pillow might suit your needs, we recommend contacting us so we can help you decide! 

We've got the following brands on offer here at Geoghegans of Navan; The Fine Bedding Company, Neuhaus, Relyon, The Soft Bedding Co, etc. Each brand offers something different such as; Goose Down, Natural Latex, Comfort Deep & Slim, V Shaped, Back Sleeper & Side Sleeper, and Anti-Allergy to name just a few. 

Whatever pillow you're looking for, at Geoghegans we will always try and find the best one to suit you!