The Quest to find the most comfortable T-shirt Bra

The Quest to find the most comfortable T-shirt Bra

We have made a little list to bear in mind when your trying on your new bra. Five things to look for in your T-shirt Bra!

Ladies, we know that the quest to find the most comfortable, everyday bra has been a tough one. That’s why we have some pointers that you can look for when you’re trying on a new bra. Here are 5 things to look for in your everyday bra!

1. Lightweight

You should feel free to move your body and no tugging sensation to weight you down.

2. Breathability

With the hot weather, finding a bra that is made with breathable material will made you feel more comfortable when the sun is out.


3. Feminine

Don’t look down on the power of a well-made lingerie, putting it on can make you feel sexier and confident than ever.


4. Fashionable

Gone are the days of frumpy bra designs, these days you can fit fashionable yet comfortable bras that makes your cleavage look and feel good.


5. Comfortable

With a silky touch feeling material, it feels so comfortable that you will want to wear it everyday.

Triumph has heard our pleas for the perfect T-shirt bra so they have launched the Everyday T-shirt Bra Collection called Body Makeup that ticks off the 5 points above!

These T-shirt bras provide breathable comfort everyday so you can feel good inside out as you go through your day. Plus, it won’t leave weird shapes on the outside thanks to the seamless design. If you don’t notice a T-shirt bra, then you know it’s doing its job.

As you know, Triumph is a renowned German lingerie brand with strong heritage and expertise in the design of lingerie. Triumph is available online at or pop instore for a professional lingerie fitting.