Top Tips for a Great Night's Sleep

Top Tips for a Great Night's Sleep

Did you know we spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping? Not only does sleep feel good but it's also crucial to maintain good overall health. We all deserve to be well-rested so keep reading for some tips to help you to achieve & maintain a daily dose of zzz’s.

Throughout the day...

While we need a dark space to sleep peacefully, it's quite the opposite during the day. Our brain relies on natural daylight to regulate our day-night rhythms so ensure to get outside during the day (even 20 minutes will do the world of good!).

Caffeine can have a disruptive effect on our sleep. Researchers recommend to steer clear of tea, coffee, and energy drinks for at least 6 hours before bedtime. So no sneaky Lattes from Chekovs after 4!. There are lots of caffeine-free tea's on the market to choose from, the only question is... Barry's or Lyon's?

Digital Detox

There is a dark side to blue light. Kick start a digital curfew by limiting screen time before bed. Phones and tablets are physiologically and psychologically stimulating which affects our body from winding down, making it more difficult to fall asleep. Try replacing scrolling through social media late at night with reading a book or magazine. 



Create a Sleep-Sanctuary

Your bedroom is a place of relaxation, somewhere you can recharge the batteries. Let's set the scene...

On the walls: Using calm colours in the bedroom such as blue hues or pastel tones helps to create a peaceful atmosphere.

On the bed: Invest in a good set of cotton bedding - these soft fabrics and bound to help with a good night’s sleep. Bianca cotton sheets are a must have. A lavender pillow spray is also known to help unwind and have calming effects. And of course the cosy duvet from The Fine Bedding company with a good supportive pillow also help.


Banish the Light

On the windows: Luxaflex Blackout blinds or black out lined curtains are a must for a good night’s sleep, our bodies need darkness to stimulate the sleep hormone Melatonin which helps us to nod off.

Black out blinds or curtains help minimise noise and regulate room temperature. Geoghegans supply and fit Luxaflex blackout blinds in great range of high end fabrics. We also make curtains with insulated lining or blackout lining. So let the Home interiors team at Geoghegans help you create your perfect sleep sanctuary today.


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