Bras Fitting Guide

At Home Bra Fitting Guide

Anyone who has worn the incorrect bra size knows just how awful it feels to keep fidgeting with ill-fitting straps, with a wire that digs underneath, or with over-spillage because of a too small cup. Outfits and days can be ruined! Getting the right bra that will be the perfect fit, cut and size is the solution to the problem, but it’s not that easy if you don’t know how!

Follow our guide to help you find a better fit for your day-to-day bra solutions. Remember, every bra is different and will fit slightly differently to the last. Our guide should help you find something that will feel better and make you more comfortable.

Step 1. Calculate the size of your band

Measure directly under your bust, keep the tape level and snug. Round to the nearest whole number and add 4 inches if the number is even, and 5 inches if the number is odd. 

Keeping the tape around the same spot on the back (important), move the front of the tape around the top of the chest. This number should be the same as the number under your bust plus your addition of 4 or 5 inches. This is your band size.

Step 2. Measure the circumference of your bust

Wrap the measuring tape across the fullest portion of your chest loosely (at nipple level). This should be rounded to the nearest whole number. 

Step 3. Calculate your cup size

Count from your band size to the measurement size around the circumference of your bust, this is your cup size. For example:

Band size: 34” (start the count at A)

Circumference of bust: 36” 

Therefore, Cup size: